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Get Going With Your Sewing Machine

Get Going With Your Sewing Machine

Get Going With Your Sewing Machine

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Extract taken from the books introduction;

Fab fabrics, stylish trimmings and fancy iron-on motifs are the ingredients for the exciting sewing projects from Atelyeah in this book. Create quirky birds for your room, a fun toy for your dog, cool friendship bracelets, cosy wrist warmers and much, much more!

With a little crafting skill, you can make great things for yourself or sew gifts for your friends and family. And it doesn't matter if you've never used a sewing machine before. With this book, you'll soon have your sewing licence. Your sewing test is on page 24, and you'll pass it easily once you've read about all the tools and materials you need (on pages 7 to 13) and learned the basics of sewing, which are explained on pages 14 to 23.

To help you ace every project, we've kept the patterns simple, and there are lots of photos as well as step-by-step instructions. The squirrels from Atelyeah are also always on hand to help. They know absolutely every sewing trick and will give you lots of useful tips. And they've sprinkled hazelnuts throughout the book. Why? Simple: the number of nuts shows you at a glance whether a project is easy or more advanced. The more nuts, the more difficult the project.

Some projects have several variations, so you can choose colours and fabrics to suit your style or mood. And if you have other creative ideas, don't be afraid to do your own thing! Have fun sewing!

The book covers:
  • Tools
  • Materials
  • Basics
  • Your sewing licence

    And here are the projects that you will find inside:

    • Quirky birds
    • Simple organiser for odd and ends
    • Laundry bag
    • Wall organiser
    • Pear doorstop
    • Apple doorstop

      • Gym bag with an iron-on motif
      • Gym bag with a jeans pocket
      • Recorder case
      • Pencil case
      • Reading pillow with bookmark
      • Denim apron

        FOR YOU:
        • Snood (loop scarf)
        • Reversible beanie
        • Neck pillow
        • Wrist warmers
        • Your favourite skirt

          FOR YOUR FAMILY:
          • Sleep mask for Mum and Dad
          • A muff for your sister
          • Lunch bag
          • Dog bone

            FOR YOUR FRIENDS:
            • Beach bag
            • Friendship bracelets
            • Versatile case
            • Triangular scarf

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