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Embroidery Needles Size : 75/11

Embroidery Needles Size : 75/11

Embroidery Needles Size : 75/11

Our Price 45.95 (Including VAT)

Schmetz has been a leading manufacturer of sewing machine needles since 1851. We have sold their needles for many years and in our opinion are excellent quality, with a wide range of needles available for many different sewing purposes and techniques. We supply boxes of 100 needles in both universal (standard) point for normal sewing, and embroidery needles for more specialised work. Due to the big saving in comparison to buying packets of 5 or 10 needles, these boxes are ideal for dedicated sewers, dressmakers, alteration / craft businesses, schools, colleges and universities.

Embroidery needles are designed for embroidering finer fabrics with rayon, polyester and other speciality decorative threads, including metallics. The needles have a light ball point, a larger wider eye and groove, and longer scarf, which minimise fraying and breakage of the thread. They are designed to withstand the higher temperatures generated by decorative threads.

Embroidery Needle Reference : 130/705HE

Size: 75/11: for embroidering with finer fabrics.

Please Note.

The sewing machine needles on this and every other page on this website are only suitable for modern day domestic sewing machines that take a 130/705H flat sided needle. They will not fit your Granny's old treadle machine, or the latest high tech industrial machines.