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Bernina Leather Roller Foot 55V

Bernina Leather Roller Foot 55V

Bernina Leather Roller Foot 55V

The Bernina Leather Roller Foot 55V is especially suited to sewing over leather, suede, vinyl and plastics, as well as sewing multiple layers and quilted fabrics.

It is designed to roll over the fabric without dragging or marring the surface, enabling neat, even stitching on difficult or "sticky" surfaces.

Our Price 67.50 (Including VAT)

Bernina Leather Roller Foot has a wheel with a profiled tread that grips the fabric, allowing movement along any contour and stitching in any direction whilst the feed dog moves the fabric. The single roller makes it easy to sew precise straight lines, or steeply curved lines of sewing, whilst you steer and change direction of the fabric.

The design of the foot affords a clear view of the entire stitching area.

Besides sewing leather and other difficult fabrics, it is also excellent for couching braiding and cords - due to the roller rolling next to the cord rather than over it, any thickness of cord can be used.

Although this foot looks rather unusual, it gives you the chance to create attractive stitching on home furnishings and garments e.g. making any thickness of piping, outline quilting (similar to free-motion quilting), leather appliqué, embellishing and edgestitching.

This foot fits all current and recent electronic models, including Artista, Auroroa, Virtuosa, Activa, 215, 3 and 5 series models.