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Bernina Embroidery Foot 6V

Bernina Embroidery Foot 6V

Bernina Embroidery Foot 6V

Bernina Embroidery Foot 6V is ideal for all satin stitching and other dense stitch patterns.

Our Price 25.00 (Including VAT)

Embroidery Foot 6V features a wide channel in its sole for sewing appliqués and decorative stitching.

The wedge-shaped cutout under the sole allows the foot to ride smoothly over thicker and wider satin stitch formations, without fabric feed being affected. The cutout is high enough to not press the satin stitches flat - the result is a neat and consistent stitch pattern. The short toes of the foot are especially helpful when sewing curves.

Embroidery foot 6V also features a small hole in the centre-front of the foot for couching a narrow cord, elastic thread, or several threads, making it easy to sew attractive edge finishes and embellishments.

Other uses: buttonhole seams, oversewing with pearl thread, sewing on woollen thread, inserting yarn/elastic thread.

This foot fits all current and recent electronic models, including Artista, Auroroa, Virtuosa, Activa, 215, 3 and 5 series models.