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Bernina Zig-Zag Teflon Foot 52C

Bernina Zig-Zag Teflon Foot 52C

Bernina Zig-Zag Teflon Foot 52C

Bernina Zigzag Foot with Non-Stick Sole 52C is a versatile general all-purpose foot, suitable for all forward sewn stitches with a maximum stitch width of 5.5mm.

Thanks to its non-stick coating, the foot glides easily over “sticky” materials, allowing them to move freely under the needle.

Neatening and oversewing materials which tend to stick such as leather, plastic, etc. The non-stick coating on the sole of the foot glides easily over difficult fabric, eliminating any drag of the foot moving across the surface. Applications for this foot include sewing rainwear, luggage, tote bags, toys, home furnishings and garments.

Our Price 42.50 (Including VAT)

Bernina's Non-Stick Zigzag Foot 52C glides effortlessly and reliably over difficult to sew materials, such as microfibre fabrics, plastic, vinyl and leather, producing a neat, consistent stitch pattern.

The foot is suitable for all utility and decorative stitches, handles all needle and difficult to sew fabrics beautifully, on either small or large sewing projects. In addition to straight and zigzag stitching, this presser foot is also ideally suited to open decorative sewing and projects with gathers and scalloped hems.

The foot has an engraved centre line for positioning your work, and a thread slot allows the thread to be pulled easily to the back.

Suitable for: straight stitch seam, neatening edges with zig-zag, embroidery on very fine fabrics, basting, sewing scalloped seam, fine edging etc.