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Bernina Tailor Tack Foot 7

Bernina Tailor Tack Foot 7

Bernina Tailor Tack Foot 7

Bernina Tailor Tack Foot 7 was originally designed for marking seam lines or darts on fabric, but it can also be used for attractive decorative embellishments such as 3D effects, fringing and imitation hemstitch (fagotting).

Our Price 45.00 (Including VAT)

Tailor Tack foot 7 is used with the zigzag stitch to produce tailor tacks for marking seams etc. when sewing together two pieces of fabric. The thread tension is loosened slightly so the thread can pass easily over the ridge (the thread guide plate) in the centre of the foot. This causes loops to be formed which then slide off to the back, thanks to the special V-shaped opening on the foot.

The layers of fabric are carefully separated after sewing and the middle of the thread loops cut, so both pieces of fabric have identical markings.

The Tailor Tack foot is also a useful tool for decorative purposes - ideal for fringing for craft and decorative work, terrycloth embroidery, chenille appliqué, ladder stitch etc.

This foot fits the old Bernina mechanical models from the 530 to the 1630, including the current 1008.