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Bernina Ruffler 86V

Bernina Ruffler 86V

Bernina Ruffler 86V

The Bernina Ruffler 86V is the perfect tool for the quick, easy gathering and pleating of fabrics.

It can be used to gather single strips of fabric, or for gathering or pleating a piece of fabric whilst sewing to a flat piece of material.

Both the frequency of the gathers and depth of the pleats can be altered by the variable setting options.

Our Price 80.00 (Including VAT)

The Bernina Ruffler looks quite a complicated piece of equipment, but it's easier to handle than it looks!

The ruffler comes with a replacement spring and a small screwdriver, used for turning an adjustment screw to change the depth of the pleats.

Pleats or gathers can be set with every stitch, every 6th stitch, or every 12th stitch, by changing the adjustment lever. By setting the adjustment lever to 0, you can also sew without pleating, meaning there is no need to change the presser foot for straight stitching.

The up and down movement of the needle causes the special ruffler blade to move in and out, taking hold of a section of the fabric each time and sliding it under the needle, creating gathers or pleats.

The result is neat, even gathering or pleats, created easily and quickly on garments or home furnishing projects.

This foot fits all current and recent electronic models, including Artista, Auroroa, Virtuosa, Activa, 215, 3 and 5 series models.