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Bernina Roller Foot 51

Bernina Roller Foot 51

Bernina Roller Foot 51

Bernina Roller Foot 51 is designed for sewing fabrics that do not feed easily under normal presser feet, ensuring even fabric feed on difficult fabrics such as leather, plastic, vinyl and heavily textured surfaces.

Our Price 50.00 (Including VAT)

Bernina's Roller Foot has three rollers that run across the base of the foot - one at the front and two at the back. This means that the sole of the foot does not lie flat on the feed dogs, instead the rollers allow fabrics to slide along the bottom of the foot, rather than sticking to the base of the presser foot.

The foot is also ideal for sewing uneven or textured fabrics - the rollers act as wheels to help climb over the uneven surface.

Use of the foot produces a neat, even stitch pattern, making it ideal for decorative topstitching on leather (including appliqué and embellishing), construction and repair of bags, raincoats and other garments or home furnishings.

This foot fits the old Bernina mechanical models from the 530 to the 1630, including the current 1008.