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Bernina Pintuck Foot 32 (7 Grooves)

Bernina Pintuck Foot 32 (7 Grooves)

Bernina Pintuck Foot 32 (7 Grooves)

Pintucks add texture and attractive detail to a garment or home textile project e.g. cushion covers.

Bernina 7 Grooves Pintuck Foot 32 is especially suited to sewing fine, elegant pintucks on light to medium-weight fabrics, in conjunction with a 2mm twin needle.

Our Price 25.00 (Including VAT)

The 7 Grooves Pintuck Foot 32 is used when working with light to medium-weight fabrics. By using a 2mm twin needle, the grooves on the underside of the foot enable you to sew even, neat parallel tucks that match the size of the grooves in the foot. When sewing several parallel pintucks, these grooves act as a guide ensuring an even distance between the rows of sewing. The typical pintuck shape is produced by the bobbin thread, which pulls together the two lines of stitching as you sew.

The generous cutout in the center of the foot allows a good view of the stitching area.

This foot is also ideal for smocking, fagotting and entredeux work.

For creating pintucks on: thicker fabrics, use foot 30 with a 4mm twin needle; medium-weight fabrics, use foot 31 with a 3mm twin needle; very light-weight fabrics, use foot 33 with a 1.6mm twin needle.

This foot fits the old Bernina mechanical models from the 530 to the 1630, including the current 1008.