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Bernina Gathering Foot 16

Bernina Gathering Foot 16

Bernina Gathering Foot 16

Bernina Gathering Foot 16 has two clever functions - it's perfect for gathering or shirring either one piece of fabric, or gathering and simultaneously stitching on to a flat piece of fabric in a single operation.

Our Price 42.50 (Including VAT)

Gathering foot 16 is suitable for gathering light to medium-weight fabrics. The fabric is gathered automatically whilst being sewn.

The sole does not lie evenly flat on the feed dog, and therefore feeds the fabric unevenly, causing the fabric to gather. The slot in the sole of the foot enables a flat piece of material to be slipped into the indentation so that it isn't gathered, but is sewn directly onto the material being gathered in one operation.

Fuller gathering is produced by increasing the stitch length. With all fabrics, higher thread tension produces narrower pleats.

This foot fits the old Bernina mechanical models from the 530 to the 1630, including the current 1008.