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Bernina Appliqué Foot 23

Bernina Appliqu Foot 23

Bernina Appliqu Foot 23

Bernina Appliqué Foot 23 assists you with sewing dense rows of stitches without any difficulty, making it ideal for appliquéing and sewing mini-piping, besides being used for traditional sewing techniques.

Our Price 27.50 (Including VAT)

Bernina Appliqué Foot 23 is the perfect accessory for appliquéing with a narrow satin-stitch (up to 2 mm wide). Its sophisticated design allows the foot to feed easily over the fabric, even in the case of very dense rows of stitching.

The cutout under the sole of the foot is 2mm wide at the needle opening, and widens towards the back of the foot. This allows densely sewn stitches to be fed through without any problem, either for straight or curved lines of stitching.

The cutout on the front of the presser foot will hold a narrow couching thread, making for trouble-free sewing of satin-stitching with cording - ideal for sewing mini-piping (used on children's clothing, as a quilting binding accent, for defining seams and edges of clothing, pillows, cushions etc.).

The clear plastic sole gives a perfect view of your sewing fabric and stitching line - a definite advantage when following outlines and corners.

Foot 23 is the ideal choice for sewing appliqué projects such as babys' and children's clothing, heirloom sewing projects, etc.

This foot fits the old Bernina mechanical models from the 530 to the 1630, including the current 1008.