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Bernina 3 Sole Walking Foot 50

Bernina 3 Sole Walking Foot 50

Bernina 3 Sole Walking Foot 50

The Bernina Triple Sole Walking Foot with Seam Guide (number 50) is an indispensable aid for sewing difficult fabrics, and helps to achieve even fabric feed with very thick or multiple layers of fabric.

It is ideal for sewing straight lines for machine-quilting, and for the accurate sewing together of materials and fabrics that tend to stick or slip, producing projects with consistent stitching and perfectly matched patterns.

It has proved to be one of our most popular accessories, especially since it was upgraded to include 3 soles in place of the original 2.

Our Price 97.50 (Including VAT)

The Bernina Walking Foot set includes three interchangeable soles, 2 seam guides (left and right) for accurate sewing, a seam guide holder and a screwdriver for changing the soles.

The standard (or closed) sole is designed for general sewing and difficult fabrics, such as pile fabrics (velvet, corduroy), slippery fabrics (satin, silk), and sticky fabrics (vinyl). It's also used for matching stripes and checks perfectly. There are etched markings on the sole to act as seam and cornering guides.

The quilting (or open) sole is perfect for quilting projects, with no unwanted 'movement' of fabric. The open toe improves visibility of the needle, allowing precise placement of stitches - essential for sewing quilting designs. The markings on the sole act as seam and cornering guides.

The edge-stitch or stitch-in-the-ditch (centre guide) sole has a central guide to help stitch a perfectly straight line along a seam or edge, resulting in almost invisible sewing. The guide in the centre of the sole opens up the seam and lays into the quilt seam groove, giving you a precise guide to follow.

The seam guides can be mounted either to the left or right hand side of the needle, and are the perfect tool for maintaining an even distance between rows of stitching.

Recommended retail price: £99.00

This foot fits the old Bernina mechanical models from the 530 to the 1630, including the current 1008.