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Bernina 1300MDC

Bernina 1300MDC

Bernina 1300MDC

The Bernina 1300MDC is the top of the range overlocker and coverstitch machine with a range of overlocking stitch variations.

The front drops down to reveal the colour coded threading guide for the lower loopers and the two top needles, the lower looper has a easy threading system built-in making it easier to thread as well as a needle threader and the swing out presser foot.

Our Price 1,095.00 (Including VAT)

The Bernina 1300MDC is easy to convert to get to the different overlock stitch variants, these included, 5 thread safety seam and overlock wide, 4 thread coverstitch top and bottom, 4 thread coverstitch wide, 3 thread coverstitch wide, 4 thread seam and overlock, 3 thread overlock wide, 3 thread overlock narrow, 3 thread flatlock, 3 thread super stretch, and a 3 thread rolled hem, 2 thread chain stitch, 2 thread overlock, 2 thread flatlock, 2 thread rolled hem and the length of stitch can be adjusted via the stitch length guide.

There is also a handy indicator which indicates the right positions for all the needles and loopers for the easiest threading.

MTC (Micro Thread Control) - this means the thread tension need only be adjusted once, should you then alter the cutting width or fabric thickness then turn the MTC dial which fine tunes the tension.

The BERNINA 1300MDC offers the following benefits:
  • MTC system
  • Swing-out upper-knife arm
  • Safety switch - power to the motor is disconected when either the front or side covers are opened
  • LCD screen displays the recommended settings for the overlock / coverstitch variant used
  • Plus a host of other premium features